Đôi khi tôi tự làm mình cười!

CườiTôi phải nói với các bạn ... tôi nghĩ bài cuối was one of the most fun I've ever written. As you nên see by my picture in the header, I very seldom take myself seriously. As well, in the past I've written quite a bit about what I think about gauging your success on what other people say about you. A blog's success can't be measured externally, only by you!

Với điều đó, tôi phải thừa nhận rằng tôi đã lừa dối tất cả các bạn. Tôi muốn xem phản ứng của độc giả của tôi… và thế giới blog… khi tôi viết tiêu đề khủng khiếp của mình mà lảng tránh 'blog của tôi tốt hơn blog của bạn‘. It was totally tongue in cheek, but I had to see the reaction. It was quite funny! (Please… I promise I'm laughing with you, not at you!). Some folks felt bad for me, some were steamed at me, some then compared their rating to my rating, and some pointed out that ranking has nothing to do with how good a blog is.

I like to be clever sometimes to see that the reactions are… stir the pot as they say. Perhaps the funniest part of this (I hope I'm not the only one chuckling), is that the popularity of this entry moved me up to #70,178 in the Technorati rankings.

Vì vậy, với tư cách là một nhà tiếp thị, tôi nghĩ nó chỉ ra một số điều.

  • Chris Baggott once told me that sometimes it's good to be in the middle of an argument and provoking a response can absolutely help in the long run with a company's strategy. He doesn't mean manipulate… he simply means that it brings about the opportunity to show off your stuff. In this example, I guess it worked!
  • Sometimes simply suggesting that you're more important than you really are can work. That, perhaps, is a sad truth that we can be manipulated by marketing. Keep saying that you're #1 and maybe someday you will be!

Maybe in a couple months I'll do a sneak attack and claim to be the #1 blog on Marketing Automation and see where it gets me. For now, though, I'm simply happy that I didn't lose any of you with my last entry!

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